2D plain panel fencing

We offer complex fencing systems made of welded-and-profiled or plain panels, complete with mounting posts and suitable mounting accessories.

The fencing panels may be either galvanised with fire or galvanised and powder-coated. We also make gates and wickets suited for the individual needs and requirements of the Customer. We offer both sliding and double-wing gates.

Application: for creating fences around factories, warehouses, public buildings and facilities such as schools, football fields and sports stadiums, playgrounds, and private estates.

We also offer fence-mounting services.

Technical parameters

Plain panels, mesh size 50×200
height [mm] width [mm] wire diameter [mm] posts clamps
ø48 mm 60×40 mm
1030 2500 ø6,0+ø5+ø6
H - 1,5m 2 sets
1230 2500 ø6,0+ø5+ø6
H - 2m 2 sets
1430 2500 ø6,0+ø5+ø6
H - 2m 3 sets
1630 2500 ø6,0+ø5+ø6
H - 2,2m 3 sets
1830 2500 ø6,0+ø5+ø6
H - 2,4m 4 sets
2030 2500 ø6,0+ø5+ø6
H - 2,6m 4 sets

We can also manufacture fencing panels in other sizes on custom order.

Plain panel fencing, side view

Plain panel fencing, side view


  • concrete connectors connectors
  • concrete jambs concrete jambs
  • brick jambs brick jambs
  • claspings claspings
  • gate drives gate drives
  • posts posts


Our welded mesh panels are made of bare or colour powder-coated galvanised steel wire. Powder coating provides maximum protection against the weather and corrosion. The paint coating process employed by ZPH JAN is done by laying powder coats and curing them at high temperature. The process dissolves the pigment and results in a uniform colour coating of the mesh panel. The process is environmentally friendly.

The fence posts are galvanised and powder coated in colours. The available post sections are tubular or square. Each post comes with a PVC top cap to protect the interior from water.

The standard powder coating colour is RAL 6005 Green. Other colours are available on request.

Colour scheme

Basic colour palette shown, other colours are available on request

Mounting systems

  • S1 system Compatible with 2D panels

  • S3 system Compatible with 2D and 3D panels

  • S4 system Compatible with 2D and 3D panels

  • S5 system Compatible with 2D and 3D panels

  • S6 system Compatible with 2D panels

  • S10 system Compatible with 2D panels

  • S11 system Compatible with 2D panels

Zinc coating plant

Zinc coating plant

Hot dip zinc coating is the most effective anti-corrosion measure for steel. Hot dip zinc coating assures many years of resistance to sunlight and weather conditions.


We provide professional installation services of our team of specialists available in Poland and abroad.