Fencing for forestry and roads

We offer wire mesh types for forestry and fencing of highways and railway lines. This type of fencing is notable for its high stretch and impact resistance. Fences made of those meshworks are easy to mount and allow for fencing off areas in a quick and efficient manner.

Technical parameters

  • horizontal wire diameter 1,6 mm or 2 mm:
    tensile strength:
    1100 N/mm²
  • vertical wire diameter 1,6 mm or 2 mm:
    tensile strength:
    500 N/mm²
  • horizontal wires with a diameter 2,5 mm:
    stretch resistance:
    1200 N/mm²

See the Wire Mesh for Forestry section for information on the sizing


The wire meshes are made of high-tensile-strength wires with a zinc coating.
The bottom part of the wire mesh features a much smaller mesh size than the upper part.

How to mount

The wire mesh is most often fastened to wooden posts with nails or dedicated clamps. The wire mesh is lightweight, so the maximum post spacing is 2.5 to 5 metres.