Steel fibre

The 1/50 and 1/60 steel fibres are designed for microreinforcement of concrete. They may be used as homogeneous fibre reinforcement, especially in concrete grades for industrial flooring systems, traffic pavements or non-structural pre-cast units.

Depending on the desired properties of the concrete, the 1/50 and 1/60 steel fibres wires may be added at a ratio of 25 to 35 kg/m³ of concrete.

Concrete with steel fibres can have natural aggregate added to it at maximum grain size of 16 mm. The minimum concrete grade shall be B25 and the w/c ratio shall not exceed 0.6. In order to reduce the volume of batched water, chemical admixtures are allowed that do not corrode the steel wires.

The steel fibres we manufacture have been attested with the appropriate Technical Approval. ITB AT-15-6756/2005 and Hygiene Certification: HK/B/1133/01/2005.

Technical Approval ITB AT-15-6756/2005 and Hygiene Certification: HK/B/1133/01/2005 for steel fibres

Technical parameters
Parameters 1/50 1/60
d [mm] 1,0±10%
L [mm] 50±10% 60±10%
l [mm] 2,5±10%
h [mm] 2,0±10%
α [°] 42±10%

Structures and products made of concrete with steel fibres are maintained in the same way as regular concrete structures.